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How To Use ANY CONTROLLER on Neverwinter PC! Xbox, Playstation, Steam

Deathloop is now available for PC and temporally exclusively for PlayStation 5. In about 12 months, Xbox players can enjoy the new game of Bethesda, because then the Sony deal ends. The waiting time seems extremely hard for Xbox players, because according to international scores, Bethesda and Arcane Studios have been properly delivered. Everywhere it hails top marks and Ign for example for the first time for over two years again the full score: 10 out of 10! Deathloop – medal mirror IGN: 10/10 Gamespot: 10/10 VG247: 10/10 EGM: 10/10 VGC: 10/10 GameInformer: 9/10 DESTRUCTOID: 9/10 Press Start: 9/10 Suitable for publication further videos were published: With Deathloop, another game was published, which was overwhelmed this year with numerous top marks. Already Psychonauts 2 and the Microsoft Flight Simulator have received top ratings.

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