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A few weeks after arriving, F1 2021 celebrates a new update allowing players to discover the new circuit of Portugal, Portimao. The circuit, used since last year in Formula 1, should delight the fans a little surprised at the lack of new tracks on the race game. In addition, this update also adds the new Safety Car Aston Martin.

New circuit of Portimao on F1 2021

The circuit of Portugal therefore lands in all its splendor on F1 2021. With its long straight line and its winding turns, the grand prize had been an interesting race to follow during its first two modern editions (2020 and 2021).

The fans will be happy to find this circuit, confirming the promises made by codemasters to add content after the output of F1 2021.

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Arrival of new circuits at the end of the year!

Of the new content we will have since codemasters has also confirmed that the circuits of Imola and Jeddah will be available respectively in October and November on F1 2021. If for imola, it will not be the first time the circuit appears on a game Racing, Jeddah will be a novelty since the circuit will make its great competitive debut at the end of the year.

Note also that the studio has planned an update for the F2 Championship with the establishment of the 2021 season, again in November.

So much for the arrival of the Portugal circuit, Portimao, on F1 2021. For more information on the game, you can find our summary of the main novelties of F1 2021.

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