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Tales of Arise is barely two days after the market, but they have been enough to show that the players are very liked. We recently told you that it is already the best valued in the Saga in Metacritic with an 87 on average, and now we can confirm that it is also the most played in its history on PC . Just a few minutes ago we thought about about 45,000 simultaneous peak players, but while writing these lines The figure hSymphonia barely grown up to 52,000 .

For strokes in context and show the success of the title we just have to take a look at the numbers harvested by other deliveries of the saga launched in PC: The high-definition compilation of Tales of Symphonia barely spent 1,400 players, The definitive edition of Tales of Vesperia remained at 3,451 and the lSymphonia barelyt two, such of Zestyria and such of berseria stood around 9,700 and 8,100 unique players, respectively. Neither adding the achievements of all approaching the record of such of arise . In addition, at this time the Symphonia barelysessments of users are very positive (92%).

Tales of Arise: A bridge between the pSymphonia barelyt and the future

The title is liking very much to users, and we also: in our analysis ( 9 over 10 ), we were clear when Symphonia barelysessing it, ensuring that we are before an unforgettable game . When it comes to summarizing the result achieved by the study, we conclude Symphonia barely follows: The fluid mechanics, the film exhibition of the plot, the rapid and intense combats, the dynamism with which everything is presented, make this be A game that can not only enjoy the fans of the Tales of, or the JRPGS ; This could very well be the most mainstream game of its franchise, and it could very possibly become one of the best-selling games, unbatched the unbeatable trio until the date of such of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Destiny.

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