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One of the most controversial topics Inpokémon Go is the spouse. We from Meinmmo have viewed us why opinions go apart so much and our author Franzi Korittke explains why they do not even find it so bad.

What is spoofing ever? The spoofing is a special form of cheating in the game. This manipulate players with the help of external software their GPS and can thereby move anywhere in the world without actually traveling to this place.

This manipulation is prohibited by the Terms of Use of the game, which is why Niantic regularly proceeds against coaches, which do not consider. If such a software is detected by Pokémon Go, the chambling players are warned and get a spell.

Also against the companies that stuck behind such software, Niantic tried to act in the past. This also succeeded. Thus, the Cheater Provider Global ++ had to pay 5 million dollars at Niantic by court ruling and may not sell programs based on the code on Niantics.

Why is spoofing for many a problem?

By moving your own location, scooters can benefit from one or the other advantage in the game. We have summarized these for you here:

Regional monsters: One way to have the coaches through the spoofen is catching regional monsters, for which honest players should travel extra abroad.

Fast change: Spoofer can move quickly from one place to the next. Especially with messages about special Pokémon with high IV you have a temporal advantage here. While honest players do not have to run at the appropriate location to have a chance to have this monster, spoeper will change the place within seconds.

This makes it possible for these coaches to catch more rare monsters and thus to get more (XL-) sweets that are important to the high levels of the Pokémon. Further effects has the fast change of location on the eviction of arenas. As a result, these trainers can recharge several arenas in a short time.

If these possibilities are exhausted by Spoofern, then the inevitably also leads to disadvantages in other trainers who are honest. So these are hardly a chance against the avenue of arenas through the spoaffer. Until they run to the next arena, the first was already rewritten. In the worst case, that can also affect the daily coins.

That says the community for spoofing

In social networks, this topic appears at regular intervals. Often, the players complain that they have disadvantages in Pokémon Go through the spoofer themselves. Thus, the reddit user LONE TROMBONE21 writes that there are several spoofers in his place, which are constantly taking the arenas, which is very frustrating (via reddit.com).

Other users in other threads repeatedly report problems. Thus, true fights arise about the arenas which are controlled by Spoofers and in which only regional monsters are set in which only regional monsters are set. The players find that demotivating.

But these opinion do not share all coaches. Some do not even find it so bad that others cheat in the game. This also showed a survey of Meinmmo, which we made in April 2021 among our readers. Here, the users were able to question between the following three answers How do you find cheals in Pokémon Go? vote:

I find cheater well – they even help in RAIDS!
I do not care – I will not be influenced by Cheater
Cheal is bad and should be better punished

As you can see in the previous graphics, a total of 3,474 people participated in this survey until September 6.4. 2021. Of these, 47% (1,637 votes) said that they do not care. Another 1,180 people, on the other hand, agreed that chreates be bad. This corresponds approximately 34%. The remaining 19% (657 participants) find cheaters even well.

I also dealt with the topic and the arguments of both sides. Below I explain to you why I do not find spoofing so bad.

Spoofen is not that bad!

While I could not understand at first, why other trainers manipulate their GPS just to play out of a different place from the sofa, I am an opinion today. Because a central question I have asked myself again and again is: What disadvantages do I have exactly if others cheat?

First and foremost, I fell primarily about the problem of avenues. That’s really annoying. However, it should also be remembered that not all scooters travel through the world to annoy other coaches and therefore constantly attack the arenas. So it’s just a small fraction of Spoofern, which proceed in the game.

In addition, it comes from my own experience that there are also honest coaches that provide neatly displeasure with others. So these regularly attack the arenas and dye, though they already have their coins for the day and thus take the chance to other players to collect. Especially in rural regions with few arenas, this often ensures frustration.

I could not find more disadvantages for me by cheating others. That these trainers can get rare or regional Pokémon by changing the GPS, I’m not so important to me. Players who live in these regions or travel them to honest ways also have this possibility.

Due to the introduction of remote-raid passports, coaches can now also officially participate all over the world at Raids without having to get there spoofen. Thus, cheaters have no advantage here for me. Especially with RAIDs, I could already make positive experiences, because some monsters such as self and tobutut are only to catch in foreign raids.

Through spoofer here could take appropriate RAID invitations without I had to add extra players abroad. And even when they remain in a less visited arena, they have already helped me and finally returned my monster after a long time.

My conclusion to the spoofen: For me, for these reasons, the spoofing is no problem and it does not bother me if others do that. Ultimately, they cheat themselves for themselves. And coaches who want to annoy other players, there is so or something. That does not always have to be a spoofer.

Personally, I find it much more interesting to discover special places in reality. For this reason, the cheating for my Pokémon Go account is not an issue. I would be too big for me that I am banned. However, this decision is with each self.

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How do you find it that some coaches in Pokémon Go spoofen? Does it bother you or maybe it does not matter? Write us your opinion on this topic here in the comments and exchanges you with other players on Meinmmo.

By the way, we asked a spoofer why he does that. We show you his answers and explain how he came to the spoofing.

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