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If there is one thing that the fifa series has been efficient, it implements new features and new modes in each version. This fact remains true with regard to online options.

The previous years saw the tastes of The Travel , the FIFA History mode after the career start of the fictional striker Alex Hunter, arrives fifa 17. The integration of the Champions League into the game for modes of Game and career last year. Ultimate Team also had its introduction 10 years ago in fifa 09 , and EA has built on foundations since.

Although this year’s progress is a bit more progressive, there are still new features in the game that enhance experience as a whole.

Here are the best three remarkable news of fifa 20 :


Before the match this year, the representation of street football, known worldwide under the name of futsal, had a limited representation. Because the game concerns as much style, talent and personality that bullet skills and tactics. The difficulty of getting this balance, as well as the licenses, meant that if you wanted to play street football, you had to find an Xbox 360 or a PS3 to play the last edition of. Rue de FIFA from 2012. Even this does not represent exceptionally futsal.

It is a booming sport in the sport and EA has launched a call to give it the visibility it needs to make the game known to a wider audience. Named Volta, the mode presents street football to the players of how it is supposed to be played.

I Simulated 5 Years to 2020 in FIFA 15... here's what happened
Volta offers an authentic experience for an online multiplayer option and a story mode. This is an excellent addition to this year fifa and offers a new approach to a football match that started to stagnate with the next generation of consoles.

These types of features tend to be a unique element for EA, but we hope that the mode will become sufficiently popular to become a permanent element of the series.

Rewards of the season by ultimate team

Anyone who has played a FIFA game over the last ten years will know what the Ultimate Team is. It is a way where you can create the team of your dreams using cards that allow you to bring together players from around the world in all major leagues.

However, in recent years, the game community has complained that it is too difficult to build a team of its choice using the reward system. Many could do it effectively without spending real money to buy packets of player cards. Even when they did, the speed at which the best players fell in the towers was too low.

EA has consistently addressed this problem in recent years, offering more and more reward options in Ultimate Team modes, whether simple or multiplayer. This year probably brings the most popular addition to seasonal rewards.

Similar to the Battle Pass mechanic in the Live Service games, the Season Rewards offers XP to play games and achieve goals to improve your profile for the season. Go to the next level and you will be rewarded with players’ packs, maps loans from the best players and expensive parts. The better you get, the better the rewards.

The best part is that it is part of the game mode, at no additional cost to include in the season. All rewards are not negotiable on the market, but it still fulfills your collection and allows you to complete more builders.

These Free To Play players looking for a reason to go back, it’s currently as good as possible.

Career Mode Interaction of Players and Moral

This year’s career mode has raised a little attention, but it remains virtually identical to last year.

However, EA has introduced a new feature that concerns the interaction between players, morale and its impact on form.

As the players of the past, players in good shape will see their statistics improve. The morale of players this year also contributes to that. By pronouncing good things during press conferences and interviews before and after the match, you can strengthen the morale of players. The morale of your player helps you not only improve his skills, but also to maintain your job security, because not interacting with your players can affect your position on the board.

The interaction between players also occurs in this context, the players sending texts you can answer and affect the morale. In turn, their statistics on the ground. It is a simple system, but it means that your shares outside the field can affect your results. Take advantage of the game and its new features.

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