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Playing single match in Free Fire is one of the best ways to learn. Players get the chance to experiment with different sports styles, try weapons and make decisions on their own.

Now, while playing a single is really fun, as the players are moving forward, Bots are replaced with real players and the match becomes challenging. While survival will not be impossible, players should remember some tips which will help them in the way.

Top 5 Tips to Stay in Solo Matches Garena Free Fire

5) Land in separate places

There are some advantages of landing at different places in Free Fire. First of all, players do not have to worry about opponents during the landing phase, or do not need to change the direction of suddenly, which will slow down the landing process.

In addition, since these places are isolated, once the landing phase is completed, the opponents will rarely roam at those places. Keep in mind that though these places are safe, but the available loot will be very limited.

4) Sneak Gameplay

The best way to remain from solo matches in Free Fire is to stay secretly. The enemy who can not see it can not shoot, and staying hidden during firing, players get an edge in competition.

In addition to being hidden, using the silencer can shoot on the player opponents without seeing long distances. Some practice will be required while shooting long distance, once it will be a very useful skill after mastering it.

3) Play idle

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Playing aggressively during a single free fire match is the best way to play inactive, the best way to survive is to the end area. The players who play inactive form more often do not come in the end area with surplus supply.

In addition to supplying the end of the game, the passive player usually gives a better chance to secure a boon because their HP, EP and armor also maximize.

2) Be aware of the surrounding areas

Staying aware of your surroundings in Free Fire is very important. While minimap and scanner can highlight the enemies, players need to stay in search of trying to find enemies manually.

By being able to come away from the enemies, the players will get time to think and react accordingly. It’s really useful skills while playing a rank match.

1) Get good armor

The free fire is to get a good armor of the most important things to survive in the Solo match. The players who have good arms can avoid attacks and survive for more time during the match.

Armor can be found in the entire map, however, unknown to most players, they can also buy it using vending machine token. There is a great way to ensure that the players always have three armor levels.

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