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Free survivors Hotdrop fights fire can a player who is one of the most difficult things. Most of the time, players within seconds after entering the field becomes Elimination, and chaos comes at a different level.

However, there are many players who prefer hot-dropping because it is connected to the spirit of a certain level. While there is no guarantee of survival, given the odds, there are some tips that can help you follow the player to survive.

to avoid Hotdrop fights Free Fire Top 5 Tips

Try dropping 5) before

Free Fire is one of the most important things to remember before Hotdrop fight to drop as soon as possible.

The goal is first to drop and to secure a good landing spot. From there you can go out in search of players accessories.

Players who drop late are liable to shoot from the sky. They may fall into enemy fire and quickly eliminated.

4) Do not Giro ahead of other players

A common misconception reach that Hotdrop means that players and anti closer to each other. However, the truth is very different. While a lot of players into the free-fire zone Hotdrop, is not a step closer to the second goal.

The only reason to get close to each other, players and opponents is that they want to finish the first game. It should be avoided at all costs, and the players need to find space within Hotdrop zone for the landing.

3) Find a weapon, any weapon

Free to avoid Hotdrop fire, players must have a weapon to go as soon as they landed. Instead of looking for a specific weapon, players must choose to do something that does good damage.

Once decreases the number of opponents in the field, the player can be on the lookout for your weapon of choice. However, by then, which will be available to use remain the key to survive.

2) Try to kill the third party

Instead of losing to join in direct competition and HP, players must try to kill quickly by third Partiing . Without players having to worry about incurring for easily securing Kill is the best way.

In addition, third-party players will allow the preservation of ammunition and Medkit and their armor will ensure that for the most part is not damaged. While third-party may not seem fair, it is a very good strategic move.

1) Rotate the poor health

Despite following all the above tips, sometimes not according to plan things in free fire. The silly mistakes or just bad luck, Hotdrop gets messed up, and only has one thing left that part.

When players should try to use this situation to face, so building them to leave the area as soon as possible or cover. Compared to die Hotdrop zone better walking and stay alive.

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