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Due to the Corona situation, five clubs had not released their Brazilian players for the past international matches. Due to applicable provisions, they would have had to go into a ten-day isolation after returning from Brazil.

According to the FIFA regulations, the players may now be blocked for five days after the end of the respective deployment period, when the national association – in this case the Brazilian \ – asks the FIFA. If there is no solution, the affected actors are locked until Wednesday.

Healthy sense does not seem to be so healthy anymore.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

It’s a lot-loose situation for all national teams, players, clubs. It’s a farce, said Manchester United Trainer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who probably has to do without Midfielder Fred at the return of Cristiano Ronaldo against Newcastle. The players want to play, but we all know in which situation we were in the last one and a half years with the pandemic. He was disappointed with the whole thing, said the Norwegian: We worked hard to find a way, in the end all decisions have gone against the players. Healthy sense does not seem to be so healthy anymore.

Tuchel: It does not make sense – Guardiola: It’s crazy

Thomas Tuchel, who threatens the failure of defender Thiago Silva, looks like the thing. I do not understand it, because it does not make sense from which side from which you look at it. Does it make sense of Brazil? No. Does it make sense of us? No, said the Chelsea coach, whose team awaits Aston Villa on Saturday . If we had sent him, he would have sat ten days in a hotel room and can not train.

Pep Guardiola has not given up hope that he can still use goalkeeper Ederson and attacker Gabriel Jesus in Leicester on Saturday. We will wait until tomorrow and then see if you are allowed to play or not, said the Mancy coach on Friday. He does not understand the situation because he did not know what the clubs should have done at all. The Argentine players were allowed to travel, but they were not allowed to play the game. And now the Brazilians want to lock the players who could not travel at all. They were not allowed to play there and they are not allowed to play here, It’s crazy, Retored Guardiola .

Brazil won all three games, but there is still a complaint with the FIFA and we are told, we should not use the players.

Jürgen Klopp

Also Jürgen Klopp stressed: We should not forget that the national players wanted to play these games. The clubs wanted them too, but it was simply impossible (because of the ten-day quarantine, D.Rred.). Roberto Firmino would not have been able to use the Reds Coach due to a violation anyway. Alisson and Fabinho are now missing, just like Raphinha with opponents Leeds. Brazil has won all three games, but there is still a complaint with FIFA and we are told, we should not use the players, Handed Klopp.

Mexico directs a – Spurs-South American bypassing in Croatia the quarantine

Whether the Brazilian Association can still enlarge? The Mexican association pulled back a similar complaint on Friday. Attacker Raul Jimenez is allowed on the weekend against Watford for the Wolverhampton hikers. The three South American players of Tottenham Hotspur Giovani Lo Celso, Cristian Romero (Argentina) and Davinson Sanchez (Colombia), which were used in the World Cup Quali, are meanwhile traveling to Croatia, thus dealing with the isolation in England and can deal with Spurs Trainers at least keep fit. After ten days, you can then come back to the team.

World Cup qualification

Blizzard NEEDS to do something about this now!

Currile scenes in the clearance in Brazil

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