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After crossing the Cap of the 10 million sales in January 2020, Stardew Valley has never ceased to grow his immense success and recently crossed the 15 million copies sold, as the official presentation of the game now indicates. .

This new landing is crossed when Eric Barone has just confirmed during a broadcast on Twitch that most of his time is dedicated to the creation of his new game. So much so that more than five years after his exit , the ROAD MAP OF STARDEW VALLEY is now somewhat uncertain after the major update 1.5 output last year. I do not say that there will be no update for Staddew Valley. At this point, I do not know anything about it. At the moment, I am focused on my next game. So we will see He answered.

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Regarding the new game in question, Eric Barone can only confirm that this is another game in Pixel Art with a top view similar to that of Stardew Valley . Parly some aspects, it will be close to Startdew Valley, but it’s not a farm game. It’s something different , says the independent designer.

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