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This is a list of video clip game franchise business that have actually offered or shipped a minimum of twenty million copies. Unless or else specified, numbers indicate globally systems marketed, ordered alphabetically whenever two or even more list the very same quantity. The exception are the ones specifying deliveries, which have lower priority than others noting sales.

Franchise sales include development loads although they are ruled out full video games. Free-to-play game downloads (including free mobile games) and also microtransactions should not figure into sales or delivery numbers. For computer game franchises that have created the greatest total media earnings (from video games and other media and product), see the list of highest-grossing media franchise business.
For very successful private video games, see the list of very popular computer game. The sales numbers given listed below additionally do not include game video game sales, which can be located at the list of highest-grossing gallery games. For mobile video games that have actually generated one of the most income, see the checklist of highest-grossing mobile games.

Farm Simulation in Pixel Optik Stardew Valley has achieved a new brand of 15 million copies sold since Release. Only 2020 was announced by developer Eric Barone that 10 million games were sold. Thus, the total sales number increased by 5 million within one and a half years.

However, this is hardly surprising, because StarDeW Valley is available for both Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita and the PC. There is also a mobile version for iOS as well as Android terminals. However, players are reported to have multiple final versions, which also explain the high sales figures.

Stardew Valley is a farm simulation, which was modeled in the game Harvest Moon. Only on September 4, 2021 there was even an eSports tournament, the so-called Stardew Valley Cup with a winning amount of $ 40,000.

In addition, the developer Eric Barone has informed that he works on a new game and he focuses on his implementation. Accurate details are not yet known, but is from an equally long development time as for Stardew Valley.

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