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To the real farmer luck, in many cases a crowning wedding and subsequent marriage. So also in Stardew Valley. But have you ever wondered if your chosen of this life all want? According to fans, the Farming Game has a belonging marriage problem.

Stardew Valley: Your partners give everything for you

Stardew Valley offers a wide range of different characters that you can marble in the game and for everyone should be a suitable candidate.

But what happens after the wedding with your dreadful partner? Sorry, some spouses change their personality after the wedding and also give their independent life to in the future fully for the farm and you. (Source: Game Rant)

Before your heart leaf moves with you, you go on camping trips with Emily or kisses Abigail in the mines. But with these special and beautiful activities seems easy after the wedding.

Stardew Valley After You Read the Wiki | Animation

While a few characters like Emily continue to pursue their job in the pub, most of the partner’s interactions only turn around the farm or the common children. Thus, after the marriage, you experienced a slow ** progressive change of EURES and players from Stardew Valley now that you ruined the life of your partner as a farmer. At least some figures in the game.

An example of this is Leah, which lets her hobby of art leaves completely left because she seems to be busy with it to give you every day and be there for the farm. Another example is Sebastian, who always won the dream to move into the big city and reject this desire as soon as he is married to you.

So what would be with these people, if you never have had their way of life crossed, make you ahead (of course you should see this with a wink, finally runs only virtual life.

_Stardew Valley has certain elements that make the game special. In this video you can see games that just stand out by a level: _

The Farming Game needs better marriage interactions

But there is hope on the horizon. Over time, new interactions have been added to Stardew Valley. So Elliot wants to go on a bay tour during a herce events and continues to pursue its own goals .

It would be nice if Stardew Valley could incorporate more such interactions and in the later game of the marriage would breathe more life. Above all with a focus on the independent life of the spouse. Many players also want additional interactions between the partners or special events , such as the celebration of anniversary or the birthdays of the children.

Unfortunately, players and players will probably have to give up further updates to the game, but at least PC players can avoid mods:


Stardev Valley: Stop Updates? The developer speaks plain text

Once in Stardew Valley, the wedding bells have ruined, the life of your chosen is mainly about your farm. The personality and wishes and dreams are forgotten. More interactions in marriage and independent activities could lend the common life more tension.

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