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The old courtyard of your grandfather has seen better days. But now you’re there. With no more than a few used tools and some small change in the bag you make yourself on your biggest adventure. All beginning is heavy, as well as in Stardew Valley. What you do remains to be waived to share you, but you need a lot of different things for a secure life on farm and there is not yet there. So it is spit in the hands, fields are ordered and seed is worried! At some point you may even survive about your own hands.

Save not only a farm, but a whole village!

Unlike numerous farm games for the web browser, Stardew Valley is about more than the arrangements of a farm and the rearing of numerous plants and animals. The whole valley only seems to be a template of what it was before. With dedication and interest you explore the different places, listen to the stories of their inhabitants and snapped on this occasion as well as new knowledge for your progress in Stardew Valley. Together with others, maybe you manage to breathe the village new life and make them a place where everyone likes to go down.

In the course of your construction work, there is incredibly much to discover and experience: dinosaur eggs, family founding, monster hunt and treasure search. Things you need, are you looking for or make them yourself – and not only the scarecrows are meant! For example, hundreds of dishes make your hunger disappear and you may even benefit from special strengths.

Stardew Valley – now with multiplayer

The best thing about Stardew Valley is the opportunity to work with other players. Up to four players can live together on a farm and make them a more nicer place. You will divide the raw materials with others, make an ride with them or enjoys the shared hours on a fishing pond.

Stardew Valley is a paid game for PC, Mac, Linux, various consoles and clever mobile phones.

Stardew Valley


Several court types

Incredibly varied

Big way

Escaping a MOB on Stardew Valley

Numerous multiplayer functions


Unithegial fighting in dungeons

5/5 stars

Buy and download Stardew Valley now!

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