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After all the big and small updates that Stardew Valley has received over time, the end could have come to the end: the developer wants to concentrate more on his next project.

Stardew Valley Developer Eric Barone has organized a STARDEW-Valley competition together with Twitcher unsurpassable, packed with Speedrunner challenges and more. Barone was there during the stream and has answered a few questions about Stardew Valley.

The question also came up whether Barone would sometime publish a update to the marriage candidates : Currently it is possible to marry one of twelve residents of the city; The remaining can not be charged. Barone answered that he finds the idea well, but every single marriage candidate is doing a lot of work:

For someone a marriage candidate, I have to add a lot of dialogues and at least two major events, and these events eat a lot of time. It may seem like it’s no big deal, but it would take a lot of time. And there is more that needs to be made – the spouse of the spouse must be created. It’s just a lot. This is also the reason why I have not added characters that you can marry. But there is no reason why it should no longer exist. I think that would be pretty cool.

It is therefore in the hands of moders to add new characters to marry. In the further course of the stream, Barone goes a step further and explains that he currently does not plan any further updates for Stardev Valley:

I do not say that there will be more updates for Stardev Valley. I just do not know at the moment. Now I’m concerning my next game. So we will see.

Until now, little is known to the new game of Barone: However, it should be similar to Stardev Valley a pixel style game from De aerial view, but not farming in focus.

How it continues with Stardew Valley now

In the near future, you should not expect a new update from Barones, which does not mean that you can not gain a new game content: If you play on the PC, a look at the best mods of the community should be at StarDew Valleylohnen: Here you will not only find fixes and small mods that facilitate the gameplay, but also great extensions that bring several new characters, events and more into play.

The only drawback: As always, these mods are limited to the PC as the commercial consoles do not offer mod support.

We tell you what awaits you since the latest content update in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley has appeared in 2016 and can now be played on any common platform. In the relaxed farming adventure you take care of your own yard, includes friendships and possibly loves with the NPCs – and explore dangerous dungeon to get to valuable ores.,

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