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Since 2016, Stardew Valley belongs the Farming friends around the world. Since the release, the game of alone developer Eric Barone has repeatedly been supplied with updates and thus new content. In a LiveStream, he is now talking about the future of Stardev Valley and has sobering news in luggage.

The end for Stardew Valley?

For more than five years, the pixel world of Stardew Valley inspired the players and players. In a LiveStream of the first Stardew Valley Cup, the community developer Eric Barone was able to ask some questions about the farming hit.

It became clear that the sole developer currently has no concrete plans for new updates ** and focused fully on his next game.

Although he does not exclude the possibility completely, but he just does not know it at the moment. The topic was initiated by the question of whether there will be mods in the future, with which players can marry all NPCs in the game .

Barone explains that it costs a lot of work to integrate further marriage candidates into the game, even if the characters are already present in the game.

He would be happy if there would be more candidates, even two existing NPCs in the head, which would be perfect for that. But in the same breath, he does not want to make the fans not hopes and explicitly says that this does not mean that there will be more updates.

(Source: Twitch)

A new game is on the way

The last major update of Stardew Valley existed last year and brought the ginger island and the beach life into the farming adventure. Whether there will be a update 1.6 , remains questionable.

Apparently, Barone wants to devote fresh content, which would be understandable, after all, he has been working for Stardew Valley ** for hours.

He also talked about his next game and reveals that it is again a top-down pixel game and has similarities to Stardew Valley. Even if it will not become a farming game this time. He wants to imagine it soon, so it would not have to wait for a long time.

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Developer Eric Barone talks about the future of Stardev Valley and clearly shows that there is no new updates and content more for the Farming Game. Barone would rather focus on his next game.

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