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When will FIFA 22 classifications arrive? Each year, the qualifications of the new players are an important issue in FIFA. We will see when the current ratings can be published.

Is there a release date of FIFA 22 qualifications? It is not yet officially known when the new FIFA 22 ratings will be published. As soon as there is new information, we will keep it updated here at Twitter.

However, a look at the past shows that it will not be long before the values ​​of the new players are shown. FIFA 22 officially celebrates its launch on October 1, under certain conditions, early access will be activated a few days in advance. All this is not far away; Consequently, it can be expected that the values ​​will be published soon.

As a comparison: FIFA 21 was officially launched on October 9 and also had several versions of early access that began on October 1 and 6.

The first classifications of FIFA 21, in which the values ​​of several gold players were shown (no icons, but normal players), appeared on September 10, 2020, a little over four weeks before the release date FIFA Officer 21.

Consequently, FIFA 22 reaches relatively late this year. Therefore, a publication of values ​​would be conceivable in the coming days.

In a timely manner, EA Sports has already begun to publish the first qualifications. However, not the values ​​of the current players of world football, which many are waiting for, but the first assessments of the Fut Hero cards.

The Heroes de Fut get their first ratings

This is how the ratings are seen: Letters are the so-called FUT Heroes, who get the favorites of the public and strong players of the past. Particularity: They are not assigned to a single club, but only certain leagues and nationalities. That is why changing chemical conditions bring with them. Here you can find a general description of the famous FUT Heroes in FIFA 22.

EA SPORTS has now begun to publish the first values ​​via Twitter that we can expect from Futhero Heroes. One of those cards is, for example, Jorge Campos, who received a rating of 87:

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The other known values ​​are:

  • Milito (88)
  • Córdoba (87)
    Di natale (88)
  • Abedi Pele (89)
  • Ignola (89)
  • MOSTOVOI (86)
  • Fernando Morientes (89)

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Letters from other heroes are still pending, such as Mario Gómez.

The wait of the other players, such as Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappé or Neymar, follows exactly the same. But one thing is safe: these players are likely to be among the best absolute players of FIFA 22.

Here you can find our prediction of the 10 best qualifications of FIFA 22.

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