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Who does not like being recognized for a job well done? In iechy of death_, this recognition takes the form of tastes. You can give and receive likes, which are a way to interact with other players and the world around you. You can assign them to other players if they have built a structure in the world you found useful, and you can then win for the structures you are building. You can also win them using your structures passively, whenever a player uses one.

To love something, approach yourself and a small message will appear. Press the touchpad once to give a similar effect or press over repeatedly to give many other items before the counter on the screen is full.

What are the tastes used?

Whenever you finish a delivery, you will be evaluated by the NPCs. It can also make you love. If you have not damaged the cargo and you deliver it on time, then more I like will reach you. This is important because at the end of each delivery, your number of I like from all sources will affect your carry ranking. As you have more and more tastes and better assessments, you will improve your capabilities. As such, it is useful to try to win as much as you can.

How to get more tastes

The best way to get more tastes is to build useful structures. A bridge in part of the very busy card but uncomfortable should be greatly appreciated by the other players. When you look at the landscape, try to find the most useful and effective items and places to build. The other players will be grateful and the likes will come.

It is also very important to deliver your cargo in good condition and on time. These tastes of NPCs will add over time, and you can even offer more than what the mission requires to get more. The game also contains premium deliveries, which are a little more difficult than normal but who will reward you with more tastes. When you are comfortable with the game, it is advisable to try some of these premium deliveries. You can also deliver lost freight. These objects have been abandoned by other players who have not been able to carry out this task. So you can try it.

_ THE TRAINING OF DEATH_ also allows you to place signs that can help other players. If you find an easy route or a dangerous area, you can mark it with a sign that other players can then love.

The best way to gain appreciations is to fully adhere to the idea of ​​connected worlds and all other smugglers who are trying to deliver their articles. If you see something that could help someone else, do it to win these I like primordial.

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