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Winning every match in Free Fire, although enhancing the proportion of victory is not impossible. Although there may be some time and effort, the player can actually improve their in-game score.

The gameplay will take some time to improve, but it can also be obtained by casual players and beginners. Here are some tips that players should keep in mind while trying to improve the proportion of their victory in the game.

Top 5 Tips For Free Fire Players Should Follow To Increase Your Win Ratio

5) Do not shoot, robbed during the early game

Funny game shootouts are entertaining in Free Fire. A player has a pistol, while the other has the unravel rifle with every possible attachment. Enough to say, the obstacles are never balanced.

The goal of the initial game should be to be robbed, not much to shoot. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the game, it is more important than securing kilgs.

4) Learn to use glu wall like a professional

What Powercreep? Abyssal L!Micaiah Hero Battle - Fire Emblem Heroes

The thing that makes Free Fire different from other Battle Royal, is unique glu wall. This strategic object can be deployed on a moment’s information and offers good cover to the players.

In addition to providing cover, professional players use the Glu Wall for several reasons. Learning how to keep in-game and use them will not only help players survive for more time, but also to secure a boon.

3) Slow and secretly win the match

One of the most unseen aspects of Free Fire is the ability to be theft of players. However, the game does not encourage the stealth gameplay to a great extent, the players can actually be stolen in the game.

Sneaky options are very limited, but the player using Maro. In the combination of a sniper such as a silencer, it can be seen without seeing the whole game.

2) A good landing makes all the difference

It is the first thing to know when and on different free fire maps, which is the first thing that players learn and understand the proportion of their victory in the game.

Landing plays a big role, how will it change and relieve everything from finding good loot to the end to survive. While experienced players can often select hot-drop locations for early game kill, new players should avoid them and stay at different places.

1) If playing with the team, then choose good colleagues

Playing as a team in Free Fire is fun, because the characters can be supplemented by each other, however, players should avoid playing with random people, or the risk of losing every match.

To secure a good win ratio while playing a team, players should always play with experienced and known companions. In this way, the player can prepare strategy and can coordinate as a unit in the game instead of individual players.

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Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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