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At Rainbow Six Siege, AFK players are a nuisance. Therefore, developers want to take stronger measures against them and an automated system is also being developed. But for many players there is something much more in their minds.

What is the problem with the AFK players? At Rainbow Six Siege, AFK players are a nuisance. These are players who use a bot that practically does not do anything, except shoot from time to time and move a little. Otherwise, the figure simply stops and does not contribute constructively to the game.

However, this is still awarded to the user of the AFK BOT points at the end of the round, so it can gradually climb rank. This is mainly used by cheating to prepare replacement accounts with high levels, which can then be used immediately after a prohibition to continue playing and cheating.

Players in rounds with such AFK users, however, are pampered, because in a team shooter it is important that everyone works together optimally. Therefore, being an AFK player means that they surpass you in number and it is likely that you lose.

What do developers want to do about it? Since such actions are unfair and ruin the game for all others, the developers have announced measures. According to a message on Twitter, developers want to take action against players who are intentionally afk.

First it will distribute manual prohibitions and will ask for diligent assistance to the community. The methods will be discussed later on how to recognize and prohibit AFZERS automatically.

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AFK players are annoying, but many users have a problem with MNK on Xbox or PlayStation

It is understood that MNK means mouse and keyboard. This means that players can connect a mouse and a keyboard to a console and play with them. According to many players in consoles, this is a trap, since this entry method gives you a great advantage in control and shooting.

  • SCARN (via twitter): Manual prohibitions for that, but not for MNK? It is good to see where the priorities are.
  • Diegocanal (via Twitter): And when are sanctions for people who use the mouse and keyboard on the console?
  • JAI BOI (via Twitter): No, no, no, stop. Better first fix the MNK players in the consoles, that’s cheating!

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Rather, Microsoft and Sony console manufacturers would have to develop a measure that avoids entry through the mouse and keyboard. The developers of Rainbow Six Siege can not do this.

Here you can find another history of the world of Rainbow Six Siege: it is said that Pro was expelled from the team because he was not as unpleasant as everyone wanted.

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