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Free Fire is a fun game to enjoy casual players. However, when it comes to the ranking matches, the combat can be tight. Rank is difficult, and without winning the match, the player is often stuck on the lower rank.

While there is a lot of skills to increase the rank, there are some essential tips that can make the player very easy to achieve the winning player.

Top 5 Tips to win the BR mode match with more free fire rank


5) Early-Game Loot Is Required

Free Fire players who rank in BR mode should not prioritize the killings compared to the quick loot in the game. While the player can secure two or three early game kill, the opponent with better gear will eventually eliminate them.

To avoid this situation, players should loot during the beginning game and good gear should be avoided by quarrel. This will allow players to walk longer and push towards the final areas.

4) Use long distance weapons

It is an art in how to use the Sniper effectively in the free Fire. Players who can shoot on their opponents remotely, not only damage the first but also forcing the opponent to waste medkit or use your EP.

Players should try to find a silencer attachment to their sniper so that they can shoot without telling their position. This is very useful when many opponents are nearby.

3) Master using glue walls

In the Free Fire, the Glu Wall is often seen as secondary Defensive Tool. Most players use it only when there is no cover or while running a opponent. However, when used correctly, glue walls can be used in many ways to get strategic benefits.

Use them to gain the benefit of the professional player height, climb up the buildings, roam around the enemies during the fight, and prevent them from attacking the boundary. It is important to say that it is important to master glue wall to win more matches.

2) Stay near a safe area

One of the top mistakes made by the players in BR mode with free fire rank is that they do not live within or within the safe area. It becomes a big issue and can cause elimination in any stage of the match.

Players should always be cautious and should ensure that they are in a safe area all the time or close to it. Enemy players often roam with the edges of a safe area to pin and get easy eradication.

1) Learn from experienced players

BR match with free fire rank is not only one of the best ways to win, but also to play with experienced players to learn more about the game. By doing so new players are bound to be more complex strategies.

While everyone will not get the privilege of playing with experienced or experienced players, who should not lose the chance. In addition, there is another way to improve your game style and win constant single mode.

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Edited by Rachel Simlih

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