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KITY FABAS recently launched a new cooperative role play in Steam that mixes family elements of games like Starkew Valley with unusual. role play shows you what to expect in the nice game.

What kind of game is this? KITA GAMES is a cooperative role play and is available from September 2. You slide into the role of a cat and fight against evil with several weapons like swords, arches or even magic.

  • In your free time, however, build a farm at the same time.
  • There is an extensive handmade system
  • You can complete a story with main missions and also secondary missions.
  • In the world of the game, you are looking for resources, relics and you work together with other villagers.
  • There are many different regions to visit where you face different types of opponents.

  • There are also dungeons waiting for you there.

In general, the game reminds Stardew Valley, which combines elements of a farm simulation with role play functions. Some look like games similar to Harvest Moon. The only difference is that you, as beautiful cats, hit your enemies with swords and things like that.

You can see the trailer here:

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CAT RPG is popular with players

What Players say about KITY FABS: Currently, the game has a majority rating in Steam. Currently, around 77% of the 88 reviews available in Steam (through Steam) are positive. The game also obtained a good rating of 74 in OpenCritic. (through OpenCritic)

These are some of the most common points:

  • The game environment is well received.
  • Build and collect resources works well.
  • The characters are nice.

For this, however, players must be prepared for a low level of difficulty and complicated inventory management. At the beginning of the game, the inventory is still very limited.

The routine is too high for some, apparently some resources are only available to a very limited measure.

So, if you do not mind a little routine, you like cats and you’re looking for a relaxed and beautifully designed cooperative role game, this could be something for you.

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How is it played in cooperative mode? The game offers a local cooperative mode for a total of two people. Then you can go locally with a friend.

Currently there is no pairing function. It is not known if this will be sent at a later date.

** On what platforms can you play it? S and PC since September 2.

A 20% discount campaign is currently running on Steam and the PSN Store and the game is available for € 15.99. The standard price is € 19.99.

Are you going to take a look at the game or have you played it? Write us your opinion.

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