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In order to play safe and inactive match free fire, knowing where to descend, all the difference will be. Due to being able to avoid quarrels or being as low as possible, it is a great way to bring it to the final area.

Although safe gameplay is less beneficial in terms of points while playing a ranked match, it is a great way to learn the layout of the map and improve your in-game skills.

Top 5 locations where the player can go for a safe gameplay in Free Fire

5) Aden Creek (Bermuda Remust)

Like its predecessor on the original map, Rim Name Village, Aden’s Creek offers a safe drop place for passive players. This area has been separated by a narrow river from the main island, and the player rarely go to this place.

While the place is safe and offers good loot, there is a chance that anti-Edon’s Creek will use as a staged area. This is because this area is close to hot-drop locations such as weighted. Nonetheless, the players can easily avoid them and roam using the beach.

4) Mill (Bermuda Remust)

Get on the Bermuda Remust Map is probably the safest drop location. It is far from the hot-drop zone and offers good loot. Apart from this, due to being located on the edge of the map, aggressive players rarely descend here.

Once the players are ready, they can roam in Karatan for more robbery and then move towards the center to avoid being caught outside the safe area. Since most areas are open terrain, players should try to secure as much as possible glue walls.

3) Stone Ridge (Kalahari)

Stone Ridge is a great place to pass for passive free fire players and those who want to avoid the early game firefights. The location provides good booty, and due to the high number of structures in the field, the player can easily hide if the opponents fall here.

The only negative side of landing here is that the location command is close to the post, which is known as a hot-drop area in most matches. When moving towards the center to stay safe, the players will have to walk around it.

2) Santa Katrina (Kalahari)

Santa Katrina is the safest drop spot on the map of the free fire. However, only the negative side is that the loot is not independently available. Although players will get basic robbery here, it will not be enough for the late game.

Once ready, the player can either go towards the configuration towards the north towards the north side or push the south towards the Stone Ridge. Then they can go to the center of the map.

1) intersection (purification)

Players looking for ultimate comfort experience in Free Fire should be on the crossroads. In every match the location remains almost untouched, because the player does not want to get away so far.

While the loot is decent, the players will have to move towards the safe area after being prepared. Looking at the huge open land on this map, players should get more and more as much as possible before leaving the walls of the gum.

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