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Stardew Valley has pulled several players with his pixel farming cathedral. The upcoming One Lonely Outpost promises similar fun. But the new simulation gives your farm dream a really exciting extension. Instead of caring for cows and sheep on the earth, you populated here a strange alien planet and cares for true robot animals.

Stardew Valley with Robo cows

The truly considerable One Lonely Outpost uses popular genre representatives such as Stardev Valley or Harvest Moon, mixing this with a really exciting space setting and expands it to enhance ingenious elements.

Instead of traveling by bus to the farm of your grandfather, you land in One Lonely Outpost with your spaceship on a strange alien planet and tries there to build a colony .

To get an impression of the game, you should see the trailer zu One Loney Outpost here:

What awaits you in One Lonely Outpost?

The Farming game will take you a freely selectable way and decides to whom the many element is dedicated to you first.

First of all, it’s about making food and products to let your colony grow. Meet different characters that arrive in your colony and builds as usual in Stardev Valley, relationships with them.

Decide to start whether you prefer a synthetic approach with Robo cows and genetic engineering or rather set on a bio-yard with animals as on earth.

If you want to escape the work on your farm, you can also explore the old alien ruins ** and eliminate hostile robo guards with grips or crude violence.

The best thing: You will experience the SCIFI Farming adventure together with your friends. Plays with up to three other people in the coop, also in cool mini-games. No matter if you start a world together or visited your outpost only each other, you do not have to explore the universe.

The game is expected to show beginning 2022 for the PC and the Nintendo Switch . An implementation for Xbox and PlayStation is also planned.

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Crashes with One Loney Outpost into a Farming adventure, the Stardew Valley latched into space. A coop mode ensures extra fun with your friends when the game is expected to appear early 2022.

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