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Aram is where everything can happen. This popular permanent game mode was invented by the own Players Deleague of Legends that created a personalized way of playing within Summoner’s Rift. Since the map of the crack has 3 lanes, the players created a rule in which all the lonquers had to meet and fight in the central lane. This mode was so popular that it became official.

Because yes, in Aram you can afford anything, play malphite or amumu full ap, lulu ad or any rarity is not at all penalized. Although the abyss of the laments was created with its rules, some are not written in stone, but they are completely known: how to make a _backdoor.

Backdoors in Aram, please or against?

There are two schools that oppose fiercely, those that are radically against , since they consider that the goal is to go face and make the greatest number of murders and, therefore, a backdoor is a cowardice signal . On the contrary, there is the group that considers that it is natural and that is an integral part of the game . An eternal debate that continues to be valid today.

But there are cases in which all these groups will be agreed, especially with that this Teemo has made ridicule. Try to take advantage of the stealth of your passive ability to let go of the enemies and be able to do the backdoor. Despite the successful thing that his plan could be at first, the reality is that he made a very serious mistake.

Fixed in the position in which Teemo is camouflaged. Indeed, it is above one of the positions in which a cure appears. And every time a champion touches it, he activates generating a healing area. This is just what happened, revealing the position of the champion.

Although he showed not to be the most sagaz player, he shared his misfortune at Reddit for our pleasure.

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