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After the Chinese government announced a new legislation for regulating the play time of minors, we could be clear about this problem. Although the LPL (League Pro League), it has apparently ketcase the consequences of such regulation, its second division, LDL (League Development League), has been beaten. In fact, the league has just announced that the players under the age of 18 will not be able to play on stage during the next final ones.

The dates of the semifinals, as well as the great end, have been postponed a few days, in order to allow, as you can imagine, that the different teams fill the holes that have suddenly appeared in their templates.

Unfortunately, we do not have accurate statistics to determine how many players will be affected by these decisions , but we can already see changes in most LPL teams. For example, the EDWard Gaming Filian Team separated from Zhou Xiaoyu YU and Chi 0909 Zhi-Hong on August 31, without yet being mentioned No relief. Also, XIONG ITT Tao-Tao of Shu Dai Xiong Gaming had to return the position of it, while Young Miracle left Dai out of his team Flying Hang and Yan Fangyuan jian-jun.

More than one 20 team players currently compete in LDL, and a large part of them runs the risk of staying out of play for at least one year. And, considering the career of a professional player of League of Legends, it is a colossal period of time.

Good news for Europe and Korea?

China is the number one region of League, both in terms of players and competitive results, and we can imagine that the new regulations will change the future of the scene. Chinese players will no longer be able to dream of becoming professionals before 18 years old , age at which great world stars as Huanfeng Chinese ADC had already been competing. In other words, China now has a considerable disadvantage compared to all other regions of the world.

This situation will not be beneficial for the whole world competitive scenario. On the contrary, it is a dramatic event **. While Riot Games Rules require players to be at least 17 years old to enter the competitive scene in any region, many players are starting their semi-professional careers, or at least starting to spend hours. It is something evident: playing two hours a week you do not get good to League of Legends.

is for your good …

For several years, The training conditions of Chinese players, and more specifically from Asians, have been indicated by the entire international community; Many professionals admit that they dedicate 10 at 14 hours daily to the game. Lo demonstrates Doinb, the famous Chinese Midlaner, who has made stream for more than 2500 hours in 2020, between 6 and 7 hours of transmission per day, for a year, tirelessly.

Online video games are for many legislators A bad thing that hurts Chinese youth , to the point that have been described as mental opium by the Economic Daily. However, the use of these terms is far from trivial, since it seems to refer directly to the opium wars that torn China during the 19th century.

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