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TIC, TAC! You say that? It is the countdown so that FIFA 22 arrives at the stores and boot a new Virtual Soccer season of EA Sports. As every year, the creators of the game prepare the new course with a lot of content, especially dedicated to Ultimate Team , which is the basis of the success of the saga in recent years.

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As it is getting closer, let’s talk about the so-called pre-season of FIFA 22 **, which will allow us to start shaping the Ultimate Team team before the date of launch of the soccer game.

Now, to clarify doubts both to veterans and new arrivals, we will address everything about FIFA pre-Season 22.

When is Pre Season available?

It is already active since August 27 and within a period of two weeks. In this way we can begin to make SBC and have active rewards from the same time you start FIFA 22 for the first time.

What are the pre-season rewards?

There are different active rewards and the first week are already available. They are the following:

FUT 22 Impulse of coins (5 parties x 1000 coins) :

  • Complete 5 followed to win the group reward COIN BOOST of FUT 22 for the corresponding objective.

FUT 22 Quick Start Package:

  • 5 x unique gold players contracts
  • 5 chemistry styles (1 shadow / guaranteed hunter)
  • 1 SELECTION OF FUT 21 KIT (Choose between the Kits of El Chavo, Venice Beach FC, Alive & Kicking, Fut Future Stars)
  • Package of gold players


  • Pack of 3 players of the Bundesliga Golden (1 unique)
  • About 3 Gold Laliga Players (1 unique)
  • About 3 Gold Players of Ligue 1 (1 unique)
  • Pack of 3 gold players from the Premier League (1 unique)
  • About 3 gold players from Series A (1 unique)

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