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In The Elder Scrolls Online, the event was last The world plays ESO. Suitable for this the developers now published statistics, including the number of characters created during the event period.

What was that for an event? With The world plays ESO everything turned out to show the different facets of the MMORPG. Several streamers were clamped, but also livestreams also implemented by the developers themselves.

In addition, as part of the event, a period took place in which new player could temporarily try ESO for free. That caused an increase in new players.

Overall, the event went from June 22 to August 19th. This also relates to the new Statistics of Zenimax.

What show the figures of the events? Particularly interesting is the number of newly created characters. Thus, 1,011,955 were created alone in the 2 months. A considerable value.

The most popular class was the wizard, the most popular people the high elves.

In addition to these values, there were all kinds of crazy numbers, including the visited daily during this period (over 12 million), the players killed in the PVP (2.1 million) or the monsters killed in the PVE (over 2.3 billion).

The complete statistics can be found on the official website of ESO.

Exact game numbers of ESO stay unknown, but Steam remains stable

How many players has ESO? That can not be exactly saying. At the beginning of 2021 was the speech of 18 million accounts created. How many of these play actively play is not known.

On the basis of Steam, however, one can realize that the number of players are clamped significantly in early 2020. That should have located at the Lockdowns Corona has caused.

In 2021, the numbers have fallen slightly again, but consider it significantly over 2018 and 2019. For comparison:

  • Even in March 2020, only 14,755 players ESO played on Steam. The best value until then was 17,569 players in June 2019 (Release of Elswyr)
  • ESO then set a record in April 2020 with 28,467 players. Since then, the numbers jumped between 16,956 players (November 2020) and 23,377 players (April 2021) up and down
  • The trademark of 20,000 players, which was still running away by April 2020, was cracked 2021 in the months of February, March, April and June (via Steam Charts).

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