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A few days from the official release (September 10), Visual Concepts plunges hands into Cambouis by revealing some of the new orientations of NBA 2K22 field side, and more particularly everything related to the gameplay. With as always the desire to stick closer to realism for basketball enthusiasts, including a few defense gaps and in the game.

Assuming that you do not have a good quarter of an hour to devote to the field report to extension posted on the official website, we condense it in a few lines: this year, it is clearly question of rethinking the challenge of shots and support for defense, to limit improbable baskets or the power of Pick and roll.

It can be read that _ the Contest systems and against have been completely rebuilt to better respect the logic: poorly positioned or late players will leave baskets easy to the opponent, even if they are in their field of view. On the other hand, good defensive aggressiveness will be more felt, resulting in more bricks and air balls. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to be much more proactive against the attackers: the external defenders will no longer be content to reduce the distance between the shoter to benefit from a ghost contest – their defensive gestures have been reworked accordingly.

In the same way, accidental interceptions on contact (or bump steals) would have been reduced to limit the abuse of the previous version, which will also be accompanied by a better positioning of the players on next GEN. More generally, the interceptions seem to have been refined with a better consideration of the stats, and a better management of animations to translate them on the ground: a badly denoted player tends his arms slowly, while a specialist will be much more alert, including on duplicates and forced dunks.

On the Pick and Roll side, the development team ensures that The new defensive positioning logic on the wearer grants defenders more homogeneity in their placement, regardless of their distance from the basket. We deduce that the AI ​​should fall less easily in the panel, and that a good defender will be able to disengage from a screen installation without abandoning the ball wearer. Faced with this better coverage, the player in possession of the balloon will no longer be able to rely on a guaranteed open shooting window, forcing him to vary the approaches and the rotations. Another good resolution: The AI ​​will no longer send a defender for a plug-in on a motionless attacker 10 meters from the basket, for those who would have checked this option in the defensive settings. And to believe the developers, the artificial intelligence will be more able to send defensive help to clog the breaches when a player has the free field. What to guarantee on paper a better cohesion and better management of the defense space, even if it will wait to put it into practice controller in hand.

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Especially since on an offensive plan, developers insist on the new combo possibilities of dribbling to eliminate its vis-à-vis, always depending on the movements and speed printed on the right SITCK. On the menu: 50 unique sizeups packs and 32 unique dribble sequences to equip, fast dribble combin three or four seconds simply triggers by pressing the SPRINT key and moving the pro command system upwards. Four new styles of Dribble have also been added for WNBA players (Seimone Augustus, Chelsea Gray, Arike Ogunbowale and Gabby Williams).

corrected speed anomalies

But the most important remains the fixed abnormalities: as the players of MyTeam undoubtedly know, a giant like bowl bowl could move at a supersonic speed and cover a monumental distance in some dribbles, much faster than a small leader in vivacity. This (wholesale) worry has obviously been corrected in NBA 2K22 so that the least size athletes do no longer beep by slower players in reality. In the same way, the game at the particularly delicate position in the previous shutter would have been improved, with always more feints and cancellations on stick / rt / r2 to remove a maximum of space, limit interceptions and be certain to conclude with a good timming.

A new 2K would be nothing without its new dynamic firing gauge – like every season, would be tempted to say. On paper, it seems that a good analysis of the situation is the determining factor on the percentage of success, and less the intrinsic quality of the player, states in support. The Timing Timing will obviously continue to play an important role (always the same additional bonus by disabling the indicators), but NBA 2K22 will try to further respect positioning logic, limiting the percentage of success on forced shooting. , even with excellent players.

To be seen again in practice, especially since, on the finishing side, the game looks a little more demanding, with the appearance of additional gauges for the attempts of ALley-oop and spectacular dunks (keeping the order sprint and tilting the pro control system down). For amateurs, a descaling functionality of creation of Dunk will choose the exact style of Dunks packs to equip. And the _alley-oops with rebound will also be from the game.

Finally, on the way my player, Visual Concepts speaks many adjustments on the side of the stats allocation to promote the emergence of more balanced profiles, without it being made to the detriment of small templates; to see again during the season. New insignia will bring the total of 80 badges, including a merciless badge, an ability that allows interiors to achieve more efficient finishes on smaller players, the chef, which increases the percentage of success Shots at 3 points out of Dribble as Steph Curry or the ‘spot-up without limits’, to improve the success of three-point fire shots in Catch & Shoot \ – the kind of badges that everyone will have Want to unlock. The PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions will be entitled exclusively to modifiers on the Takeover phases, which are triggered when the player chains the good perf in the field, either additional modifiers to better diversify the profiles and the approaches.

In short, a cargo of small retouching that will have to wait to switch to the scanner at the time of the test. Hoping to limit this year the innumerable hotfixes and after-out patches. NBA 2K22 will be available on September 10 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.


NBA 2K22 – Gameplay Trailer

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