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Linus Gabriel Sebastian (born August 20, 1986) is a Canadian YouTube individuality. He is the creator of Linus Media Team as well as has acted as its CEO given that 2013.
Sebastian is best recognized for developing as well as hosting 4 innovation YouTube networks, Linus Tech Tips (LTT), Techquickie, TechLinked, and also ShortCircuit, which have a mixed subscriber base of over 20 million. From 2007 to 2015, he was likewise a routine presenter of innovation video clips for the now inoperative Canadian computer system merchant NCIX. He is likewise the proprietor of Floatplane Media.As of March 2021, Linus Tech Tips is ranked the most-watched innovation network on YouTube. In 2014, Tubefilter called the channel as being within the top 1% of Google’s preferred advertising and marketing channels on YouTube for the innovation category. In 2015, Inc. publication rated Sebastian fourth in a checklist of the Top 30 Power local retailerrs in Technology.

Last week, Japan and the Australian players have discovered the new model PS5 host in the local retailer. After dismantling the technology Youtuber **, the new model PS5 adjusts many internal zero components, but it may affect heat dissipation.

Mainly sharing the PC, Youtuber Austin Evans, surrounding information around the household host, recently started a new model of PS5 and disassembles research. It is found that there is a improved cooling fan and it seems to fine tune the Wi-Fi antenna in order to carry a new wireless communication.

There are also adjustment of the heat dissipation module, where copper is used significantly reduced, or more or less to make the host 300 grams than originally.

Sony will shrink the heat module design, which may be based on team research results. However, during the epidemic, the price of copper products rose, indirectly leads to shortage of supply shortages of related electronic equipment parts, and does not rule out the cost.

Just the original version of PS5 already exists some heat dissipation problems. The recent open NVME SSD expansion feature also requires players to install additional radiators. The new model has changed the thermos group, which is likely to cause heat dissipation problems.

According to EVANS measurement, the temperature of the new PS5 wind is about 3 degrees than the original version. Of course, this cannot be completely based on the judgment of the quality, just Evans is very paralylequatic representation of worse host to criticize the performance of the new model host temperature and heat dissipation, more represents the preference to buy the original PS5.

Currently changed only a number of times, although the heat dissipation problem is set off, there is still other good little skill. The new host base uses a new screw, and the player does not need to use the screwdriver in the future, it can hold the screws, regardless of the pretty convenient design.

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