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VALLE STARDEW ERIC developer Concenedape Barone and Zach Unsurpassablez Hartman have announced the first official STARDEW Valley Cup, a kind of tournament in which teams try to complete several challenges to earn as many points. However, this is not only for fun, since it was also revealed that the Stardew Valley Cup will include an accumulated prize of more than $ 40,000. The last great update of valle stardew was the launch of 1.5 for PC at the end of last year and 1.5 in console earlier this year with the 1.5 mobile version yet, so the announcement of the STARDEW VALLEY Cup is essentially The largest Valle Stardew News from the disclosure of the board game.

As for the details of the official STARDEW VALLEY Cup, the main event is scheduled to start September 4 at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET. The teams include Sandy’s Candies (The Haboo, lilsimsie, brandiganBTW, Fuzzerino) and Pierree’s Cherries (Cordite89, Waligug, Mr Penguinpanda, Lichatton) and Pam’s Yams (PianoAddict, AlbinoLiger, SeanieDew, Matthew McCleskey) and Krobus’s Crocus, Blak_Noob SharkyGames, Therm) The challenges with which the teams will be responsible, of which there are more than 100, include difficulties based on the difficulty, a summary of which Unsurpassablez has shared through video. The event will be issued by Concernedape and Unsurpassablez.

In collaboration with @insuperablez, I am pleased to announce the first StarDew Valley Cup Officer! It is a competition of skills, knowledge and teamwork, with a cumulative total of more than $ 40 thousand prize. Look at some of the most dedicated players Stardew in his element! The main event is September 4 at 9 a.m. M. pst pic.twitter.com/qtdw5e5lvd.

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  • Concernedape (@Concornnedape) August 21, 2021

As noted above, the first official STARDEW Valley Cup will take place on September 4 at 9 a.m. M. PT / 12 p. M. et. According to the video Teaser, the event will be transmitted on Twitch channel of Unsurpassablez. Valle stardew itself is available in … practically everything. If you have a modern gaming console or mobile device, you’re likely to have access to Valle stardew somehow. You can check all our previous coverage of the popular video game here.

What do you think Stardew Valley Cup officer? Are you looking forward to seeing the live event when transmitted in early September? Let us know in the comments, or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games.

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