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At the thought of E-Sports, Stardev Valley is likely to come in the heads of the players and players. But that’s what is reality now. Soon the very first Stardew Valley tournament should be pending and waving a prize money of a total of $ 40,000.

Stardew Valley starts bangharten competition

Actually, the pixeled Stardew Valley is known for cozy farming fun. Who would have thought that it is also suitable for a bang-hard competition ? The answer: The developer of STARDEW VALLEY’s highest person.

Concernedape has announced on Twitter that on September 4, the world’s first STARDEW Valley Cup ** is due:

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Collaboration with @unsurpassablez, I’m pleased to announce the 1st official Stardew Valley Cup! It’s a Competition of Skill, Knowledge, and Teamwork, With A Prize Pool of Over $ 40K. Lake Some of StarDeW’s Most Dedicated Players in Their Element! Main Event Is Sept. 4th 9am PST pic.twitter.com/qtdw5e5lvd

  • Concernedape (@Concernedape) August 21, 2021

The tournament is launched in cooperation with Streamer unsurpassable and will include a prize money of total 40,000 dollars . The competition requires skill, knowledge and teamwork by the participating players.

These are four four-headed teams from well-known streamers and streamers and passionate Stardew Valley professionals.

To win, the teams have to master different challenges and collect points. In a YouTube video unsour passable explains the details of the disciplines. It should be over 100 at the number and depending on the difficulty, there are different points.

This can be so simple things to call his horse sprout, to difficult tasks, such as the skull cavity level .

Commenting is the whole developer Concernedape as well as unsurpassable and is held on the Twitch channel of Unrupassablez. You can be the tournament on 4 . Track September at 6pm .

Stardew Valley fans are not excited

While some celebrate the idea of ​​a Stardew Valley Cup and look forward to the event, others criticize the tournament **.

Thisenglishnerd writes, for example, on Twitter:

_ That’s disgusting. Why do you take one of the well-filling games and exposes the toxic cloake of competitive gaming? Stardev is so very e-sport, as Overwatch is a sandbox game. This is the real consideration from the conversion of the community center to a JEJA store house. _

Another Twitter user besides that are only able to participate in Streamer’s personalities in the competition and no people who really benefit from such a high prize money.

If you also want to live your farming dream, you can strike at Amazon:

_Neben Stardev Valley there are other games that let you feel good. These are your favorites: _

Stardew Valley receives his first competitive tournament. It takes place for the first time on September 4th and there are $ 40,000 as prize money. While well-known streamer and streamer will have fun in the competition, others criticize the competitive design of the game.

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