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It will sound like something quite strange, but Eric Barone , creator of _ Starkew Valley, _ officially announced the STARDEW Valley Cup , that is, this game could already be considered as an esport .

The Stardew Valley Cup will face four teams against each other: Sandy’s Candies, Pierree’s Cherries, Pam’s Yams, and Krobus’s Crocuses. These four teams will compete with each other on September 4, when they must complete a Wide range of tasks to get points and the possibility of taking up to $ 40 thousand dollars.

IN COLLABORATION WITH @UNSURPASSABLEZ, I’m Plesed to Announce The 1st Official Starkew Valley Cup! It’s A Competition of Skill, Knowledge, and Teamwork, with A Prize Pool of Over $ 40k. See Some of StarkDew’s Most Dedicated Players in Their Element! Main Event is Sept. 4th 9am PST pic.twitter.com/qtdw5e5lvd

  • Concernedape (@Concornnedape) August 21, 2021

The competition is taking place in collaboration with unsurpassable z , a youtuber known to create content of stardew valley . In a video shared by this user he explained that they had already occurred at least 100 different challenges that these four teams had to complete. Each complete challenge grants a certain number of points that unsurpassable z has calculated and assigned according to your difficulty. Each team must complete the highest number of points simultaneously in what the tournament lasts.

These challenges range from completing things at the community center until reaching the 100th floor at Skull Cavern . Each team has a period of two weeks to review the complete list of challenges and prepare their strategies for each of them. Additionally, unsurpassable z said there will be five additional challenges that will be added to the competition, but these will be unknown to participants.

Via: IGN

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