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For reasons I do not understand very well, Stardew Valley will have the Stardew Valley Cup, where the Speedrunners will compete to achieve certain goals to earn points and earn $ 40,000. I had never imagined that Stardew Valley organized a competition of esports, but that’s why I write about it and I do not participate.

The Youtuber Zach Unsurpassable Hartman collaborated with the creator of Stardew Valley, Barone, to develop more than 100 different challenges to take up by the players. Every challenge is worth, and players will have three hours to get as many points as possible.

In collaboration with @insurpassable, I am pleased to announce the 1st Stadden Valley Cup Official! It is a competition of skills, knowledge and teamwork, with a prize pool of more than $ 40,000. Discover some of the most dedicated players of Stardew in their element! The main event is September 4 at 9 am PST Pic.twitter.com/QTDW5E5LVD

  • PropertyDape (@CorderDape) 21 August 2021

Here are some examples of the different challenges:

  • Finish the craft room – 10 points
  • Win an ice fishing contest – 15 points
  • Give Pam a blonde beer – 5 points
  • Offer a loved gift to the feat of the winter star – 25 points
  • Reach Level 120 in mines – 10 points
  • Complete a monster eradication objective – 20 points
  • Get a trash hat – 10 points

If you are organizing a StartadeW Valley competition, this method is the most logical. The challenges that are worth a certain strategy because players will have to think about what they can do in three hours and say enough points to win. I always think it’s a strange thing to do with what I consider as a relaxing game, but hey, if that’s what people want, go ahead.

The competition will feature four teams of four players working together to take up the challenges. The teams will receive an extra point for each article shipped during the competition, and the team with the most gold at the end will also receive another 20 point bonus. Hartman will also launch surprise challenges that teams will have to decide how to handle on site.

Hartman said this in a video detailing the event:

_ There will be five challenges in total, and each of them is worth 50 points, which, I hope, will encourage players to move away from their predetermined route and risk it for the biscuit. ยป_

This event should take place on the weekend of the Labor Day on September 4 at 12:00 am He with Barone and Hartman live and commenting on all the action on Twitch and YouTube.


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