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STARDEW VALLEY It has been one of the greatest successes of the independent videogame over the past few years. Developed almost alone by Eric Barone, this country life simulator is traditionally associated with the tranquility offered by the management of the farm or fishing. However, it also offers a surprisingly deep alternative for players who, after enjoying the relaxed experience, want to enjoy extraordinarily demanding challenges that force them to optimize their movements.

Stardew Valley … A competitive game?

The same Eric Barone who carried out the development has now announced, a few years after the launch of the title, the organization of a tournament with something more than $ 40,000 in prizes . In it, four teams will compete with each other for trying to get as many points as possible by completing different challenges to get over the rivals. Event that does not convert the game into an esport, but with which it gives a competitive first step that arouses certain curiosity among the players.

As usual in this type of event, Participating teams will be composed of a selection of creators content that will try to cooperate together to face challenges and try to win their rivals. Achievement for those who will have a two-week preparation time until the first Stardew Valley’s first tournament takes place next September 4 at 6:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time . However, not even the preparation for the more than 100 challenges that the team have will be enough since the organizers have promised a mysterious event.

The great ally of the developer will be Zach Hartman , known as unsurpassable Z, who will exercise commentator next to the creator of Stardew Valley to make this first competitive experience a pleasant time for fans. In any case, you do not have to worry: despite this incipient competitive facet, the game will remain the ideal place to relax.

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