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How to play in the Stardew Valley Koop and attract animals together in multiplayer mode

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Stardew Valley Co-OP was launched in August 2018 in Update 1.3. Previously, Stardew Valley Multiplayer was a single player game and adds a series of gameplay elements that you will not find in the standard game, including the Four Corners Farm Map and the ability to share money between players; You can even marry another player instead of one of the 12 bachelors and bachelors. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Koop games in Stardew Valley.

How to play in the Stardew Valley Koop

There are two ways to play in the Stardew Valley Multiplayer. Either with a brand new world or with an existing world converted from a single player Save.

To start a brand new world, a player must choose Koop followed by HOST. Decide how many cabins you need for the number of players (up to four) and change the other options according to your wishes. Then you can start.

On the other hand, if you want to use your single player world in a multiplayer game, you must build enough cabins for the number of players you want to play with. If you have the correct number of cabins, you must return to the main menu, select Koop, then select Load and select the appropriate backup file.

So that other players can actually participate in the game, the host must start the game and then go to the settings. By default, all multiplayer worlds are closed for other players, so they must open them.

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PC – Steam): If all you want to play, play over Steam, make sure that you are first friends with all. Then your multiplayer game should appear in the list when your friends join select.

PC (GOG Galaxy / Steam): If the method described above does not work or you play over Gog Galaxy on a PC, the host can find an invitation code in the game options. Other players can enter the same code on the accession screen to connect.

PS4: Make sure that they are all friend to PSN with each other, and then connect to the games of the other. PlayStation Plus is required.

Xbox One: Like PS4, you must all be on Xbox Live friends, then you can connect as long as all have Xbox Live Gold.

Nintendo Switch (Online): Just like the other consoles, you can join the farms of people on your friends list via the accession screen. To do this, you need a Nintendo Switch online membership.

Nintendo Switch (Local): If you enable the local communication match, you can play online membership with two Nintendo switch consoles in the same household without Nintendo Switch.

That’s all you need to know about the Koop games in Stardew Valley. For more information about the included features, see the Stardew Valley Multiplayer Wiki page.

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