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Martin Hinteregger of Eintracht Frankfurt gives insights into the professional pupil and has now revealed in a talk show that many players suffer from alcohol problems.

Hinteregger said in the TV program Sport and Talk from the Hangar 7 on Servustv: The more money you have, the more worry, the more restlessness you and the more unhappy you will. But in a difficult time you can in one Phase slip in, in which you are extremely bad and you have to take help.

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Hinteregger continued and betrayed, Many professional footballers have become alcoholics or crashed completely. Probably a third. This is a frightening number because no one is talking about it during the career.

Even Hinteregger himself fell through alcohol excesses, but does not see himself as an alcoholic. More often, he said to the topic: I’m not an alcoholic, I like to celebrate.

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The occasion for the appearance in the Austrian talk show was the promotion for his book inner view, in which the EM driver writes among other things about gambling addiction and depression under which he has suffered himself.

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