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The boss of finish Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, logs in to the players in a message. He informs that a part of the MMORPG’s servers is heavily overcrowded and developers work on solutions to the problem. Players meanwhile kidding that the launch of the new Addon’s Endwalker will be fun.

The situation soon:

  • Since July, FFXIV experiences a strong increase in player numbers. On Steam, the amount of active players shot up and reached a new record. It even overtook Destiny 2 for a short time.
  • Several major streamers like Asmongold, Richwcampbell and Summit1g started FFXIV in the past month and brought their communities into play. They brought the MMORPG much fresh attention in the media
  • The sudden onslaught of new players caused server issues that provided login snakes of more than 1,500 players and loading problems on the lobby servers.
  • The Director Yoshida apologized for the inconvenience and assured that the team works on creating new servers to intercept the onslaught.

Now Yoshida again logs in to a blog post (via Lodestone) with news about the current situation around the game numbers and the servers.

A whole data center is overcrowded

That says the boss: In the new blog post director Yoshida is aimed at the players and explains that the FFXIV team continues to fight against the server overfill. Thus, the current maintenance increases the number of maximum simultaneous registrations on European servers. This should counteract the long queues, which especially in the evening and on weekends.

In addition, Yoshida reported that the 8 Servers of the Data Center Aether in Final Fantasy XIV are completely crowded:

All worlds within the North American Data Center Aether will be fully classified after maintenance to patch 5.58. Despite our efforts to raise the upper limit of simultaneous logins as far as possible, the number of logged in players continuously reaches the upper limit on all worlds. For this reason, we decided to take the following measures at this time.

Until the worlds are not more categorized than fully categorized, players will not be possible to create new characters on the Worlds of the Aether Data Center. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience among those of you who want to deny new adventures together with their friends.

If we would allow a further increase in player characters, this could extend the waiting times when logging into several hours. That’s why we chose this measure. We can not deny that there are also a tremendous player’s data centers, but we would really appreciate it if you could consider these worlds in creating a new character.

Naoki Yoshida in blog post

The 8 servers of Aether are completely locked for new players. There neither new characters can be created, nor can you get to these servers about the world transfer function. To counteract this, other Na servers have also been set to Preferably to make a change from ether more attractive. New players receive thick expers and other benefits on preferred worlds.

It often happened in the past that individual servers were marked and closed by FFXIV as overcrowded. Especially the popular Role Player Server Balming often fell into the category. However, it has never happened that a whole data center had to be closed because he was overrun by new players.

These will develop developers: Further in the blog post, Yoshida explains that developer and infrastructure teams continue to work on a solution to the problem. New additional servers should help to catch the load. But the procurement is as problematic in the current situation.

On the one hand, there is still a global scarcity of semiconductors needed for the servers. On the other hand, in Japan, there is again a strong increase in Covid-19 infections, which restricts international travel opportunities of the infrastructure team. Yoshida has remember that the team can work on new data centers.

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Players expect burning servers to release endwalker

It is spoken: In the reddit thread to the blog post and on social media, the players exchange players from FFXIV to the current situation around the server overfill. Your reactions are a mixture of amazement and certain gallows humor about the new extension endwalker, which appears on November 23.

Actually, FFXIV should currently be in a calm phase. The time between the last patch of the current expansion and the first patch of the upcoming extension is usually a time in which part of the players put their subscriptions briefly on the ice, because they know that no big new content will appear.

Accordingly, many expect a further strong increase in active player numbers when the inactive players to release endwalkers re-reactivate their subscriptions and return to FFXIV.

The final wobble extension is hot. Literally. The servers will burn.

Reddit User Fuzia

[…] and just the inactive time is supposed to be. We will put in snakes at endwalkers by December.

Reddit User StepWolve

The launch of the last add-on, Shadowbringers, was surprisingly smooth and easy, so the developers had received a lot of praise from the community for their work. Many players feared that there would be a situation again, as during the launch of StormBlood. At that time, countless players remained in a certain quest, which became known as predator ex.

Even if the developer team around Yoshida troubles to proceed against the overload of the servers, there are probably doubts that they create it to the launch of endwalkers. The current situation around Corona and the lack of semiconductors for the servers complicate their work.

What do you all mean? Do you expect a difficult start for endwalkers or do you think Yoshida and his team get the problems under control by the end of November? Discuss with us in the comments.

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