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The season of Destiny’s Lost 2 has introduced a new type of weekly mission so that players explore. Calls the destroyed kingdom, these missions involve exploring the ascending kingdom to rescue the corrupt Techeuns of Mara Sov. As with most of the content surrounding the ascending kingdom, there are enough secrets to discover.

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The Missions of Shattered Realm contain two types of secrets: Mysteries and Ascending Anchors . Both types of secrets are closely related to some of the seasonal wins and challenges of season 15, so the best thing for you is to find these collectibles. We will review each kind of secrecy and explain how you can find each trivial mystery and anchor anchor in the forest of the echoes of the destroyed kingdom.

What are trivial mysteries?

Trivial mysteries are hidden chests that are behind Awoken barriers . Complete the season challenge Line’s line rumors of the week One will require you to find and open three of these chests. Breaking these barriers will require two …

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