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A VS in the Free Fire are the most competitive moments during a match, especially if both players are equally efficient and capable. Sadly, it never happens in most matches.

More often, players do ordinary mistakes that interrupts them during 1v1 fight, and ends with their quick eradication. Thankfully, there are some tips that by following the player can get a better chance to win against the opponent in the game

To get a better chance of winning 1v1 in Free Fire, players should follow the top 5 tips

5) Choosing The Right Character

During the 1V1 battle in Free Fire, selecting the right Character will definitely help. However, it will be important to know which Character is to choose, because each of them has their own advantages.

Aggressive players can use skylary to damage glue walls and to withdraw opponents. Meanwhile, defensive players can use Chrono to prevent incoming fire and shoot back.

4) Protect good loot before fighting

An important device that remembers for the players is that do not seek quarrel before tightening the waist with good weapons, ammunition, medkits and other items. Getting good loot makes all the difference to players in free fire.

To be able to protect any situation or suppressing the goal, the vast reserves of ammo will be required. The players who fail to rob enough during the early game will be out of bullets and will be forced to retreat.

3) Let the goal come close

A golden rule of remembering during 1v1 fighters in Free Fire is that the opponent should be given very close to shooting before shooting. It not only improves the likelihood of every shot, but it ensures that the possibility of avoiding the enemy player is very low.

This method works very well for those players who have achieved high land and likes unravel rifles and SMG. If their goal is true, then there will not be the opportunity to reverse the nearby enemy.

2) Throwing the grenade before running

When waiting for the enemy is not an option, and the only work is to run, then players should throw grenades before running with blazing guns. While Glue Walls and Smoke Grenades can be used during the crowd, normal grenades should also be used.

If the player becomes lucky or if his purpose is true, then they can use the grenade to get out of hiding the enemy player or make them out of position and even damage them too. . Depending on the situation, the players can either run straight towards the goal, or can rotate them and flank.

1) Long Distance Dominance

One of the best ways to ensure quick 1v1 win in Free Fire is to engage on the enemy, and damage them before moving forward to kill. It will either force them to cover and heal, essentially wasting their supplies and time; Or shrink behind, players re-allows them to take another shot on them.

In addition to the damage to the enemy’s Character, anti-snappy and make mistakes. If the silencer is used then it is made more effective, because the shot will not be registered on minimum and the player will be hidden.

To make this method more fatal, you can use the special ability to hit the player, which allows the marked goals to deal with increased losses, as well as more damage to the target.

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Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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