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With the most recent update, Stardew Valley finally managed to swim, and this advice could make them immerse more.

Indie dear Valle Starkew has captured the hearts of the players since 2016 with its charm. With the many adjustments, improvements and polishing that the Developer Concenedape has placed in the game during the many years that has existed, many fans love to discover how to use the new features to add to their agricultural experience. For fans who love having ducks on their farm, they can finally go swimming, and a shared advice in Reddit can increase the chances of it happening.

Stardew Valley’s last update was one of the most important, and added tons of new features, such as a new beach farm design and ways to enchant tools. A small aesthetic change that made the update is that the ducks can now swim in the lakes and rivers of a farm, but some farmers are curious to know how to make that happen.

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One way to encourage ducks to …

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