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Hot Farm Life Simulation Independent Valley Cup Stardew Valley has recently announced a large E-sports competition. Many spetedrun God and Star Language content creators will construct a multi-four team together, try to complete a number of challenges to get high bonuses.

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Star Look producer Concernedape Eric Barone announced that the first Star Valley Cup message will be held in personal twice, and it is expected to be a combination of technology, knowledge, and teamwork test, competing for 40,000. Dollar bonuses, prove who is the strongest Star Valley.

The official also invited a well-known Youtuber UNSURPASSABLE Z responsible for concealing the challenge of each team in the Valley Cup. A total of 4 teams, 16 lives mainly complete the challenge to earn points, and the number of points depends on the difficulty of challenge. There is a variety of categories of light fishing, like 10 different fish, fishing just 15-inch long fish, and catching a total of more than 100 challenges in Linlin, etc.

The first Star Valley Cup is expected to be expanded on September 5th, and you can go to Unsurpassable Z Twitch Channel watch live. Although the official challenge of Star Language officially challenges the e-sports field, this is already a very popular challenge of the Speedrun community. Moreover, Simulation Farm 19 can board the electricity stage, Star Valley will have This development seems to be not so unexpected.

First Star Tile Cup Details Description

Reference Original: Valley Cup Rant

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