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Since players regenerate supers immediately, the new MOD was effectively unusable.

Schicksal 2 celebrates the beginning of a new season with Season of Dawn. Despite the numerous functions, however, there are certain functions that may work too well. An example of this are the new dynamo armor mods.

Essentially, the mod for objects of the class Void is intended and reduces the cooldown of the Super if its class ability is used. The last update made it so that several versions of the same mod can be stacked. Unfortunately, the results seem to be something too good – as Gladds Tweet points downwards, it is possible to get the whole super with a single occupation of the class ability.

Before there could be a complete destruction of the PVE and PVP equilibrium, Bungie has deactivated the MOD effectively. It can still be equipped, but it does not allow any coold-time reduction for your own super after a class ability has been used. We will have to wait, how bungie fixes the problems, so they stay up to date to learn more.

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