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A sporting activities physical examination is a physical evaluation carried out on athletes becoming part of a sport.
The purpose is to make sure the individual is secure to participate.
Special issues for sport/athletics participation:

Female athlete triad
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that can trigger sudden cardiac death in or else healthy and balanced teens; some countries consistently screen for HCM with an EKG while others do not
Bone and joint injuries (e.g., ACL injury) and also ways to reduce more injury
Osgood– Schlatter disease

Before starting the season preparation, the Chemnitzer players completed a sports medical examination at the end of June. Christian Bickel received an unexpected diagnosis: heartbag inflisitis.

Because of this, the 30-year-old immediately had to interrupt the physical stress – including participation in training and playing. The managing director of the FC, Marc Arnold, looked luck in misfortune. Thanks to our regular cardiological examinations, we were able to recognize the heartbag inflammation at an early stage and thus prevent a serious illness, Arnold is quoted on the club website.

Talent level higher than ever in another successful Brick Hockey Tournament

Return to sport

With easy cardio training Bickel fished back to the sport. Now there are good news: last week, the offensive man received the message to participate in parts of the team training. Under the guidance of co-trainer Niklas Hoheder, there are also more lighter units for him.

The ex-second league player is still under constant observation in the near future. I have to report to our doctors every two weeks and make a stress ECG to see how the heart reacts to the units.

It crawls in the foot.

Christian Bickel

At the beginning of this season, the break was hard for him, as fans returned to the ranks: Of course you want to be there and enjoy the atmosphere in the square. It crawls in the foot. I hope I hope in three or four weeks be back and help the team.

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