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Shadowverse - Mini Expansion Decks | RSC Week 8 Meta
It adds a 14-heart event for after marriage and a pretty great variety of new things.

Concernedape’s stardew Valley has finally a release date for its extensive 1.4 update. It is available for the PC from 26 November and will be available for consoles and cell phones several weeks later. Creator Eric Barone revealed in a new blog post: As soon as 1.4 performs a little more tests on these platforms, I hope to call a solid appearance date for them.

Barone also offered further information about the content of the update. In addition to the function as a polishing patch there is a pretty large selection of new things. Additional content for the final added, but almost every part of the game was extended or improved in any way. For the new content after marriage, players can expect a unique 14-heart event spouse to create incentives to maintain the relationship.

Another new feature is Wild Bait, with which you can catch double fish. While barons did not explicit any change and any new content explicitly, this seems to be a pretty extensive update for experienced players (and a good entry point for newcomers). Stay up to date as always when the update goes live.

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