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That’s a lot of agriculture.

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Many people like the good, soothing sense of agriculture, but without all the dirt and the animals and all the other stuff, for which people do not have time. Therefore, Games Stardew Valley was such a hit. The agricultural simulation game has made a name for himself, and if there are doubts, this is destroyed by the latest sales milestone in the game.

In the latest updating of the official press side of the game, it is too subtle hiding that the game has reached a new incredible milestone of 10 million copies sold on all platforms. The game had sold 6 million units in August 2019. This means that the turnover of the game has almost doubled in less than six months. It is a pretty incredible number.

StarDEW Valley is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS and Android. The game will continue to be updated on all platforms. So remember to always check in.

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