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FortNite is about to improve relationships by offering more people a better experience when it comes to playing with players from the same level.

The system implemented as part of the season 11 will always play with the players of your level because you will be paired with more powerful opponents as you become stronger.

You will have more chances to measure yourself to players of the same talent, and as you improve, your opponents should do the same, said Epic Games in a blog article, when introducing the patch 10.40 . The system will gradually change from one region to another, but you will notice it very soon.

In the same effort to create a more comfortable environment for new players, the next season will also have robots in non-competitive modes. In the same way as the matchmaking system, you will gradually encounter less robots, as you become stronger and more capable of playing with human opponents.

They will behave in the same way as normal players and help to offer players a better way to develop their skills, said Epic Games. The bots will not be present in competitive playlists. This is another system that we will continue to update and iterate.

Multiplayer games are usually accused of toxic for newcomers. It is therefore nice to see one of the most popular games to implement such measures to improve content drops such as Crossover Batman. Hopefully these systems will also give a lesson to other sector players.

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