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Four adventurers are looking for adventures in the deadly forest, but one of the players is not as he seems. Tales of Treachery is a group of friends or strangers against the dangers of the forests, while one of the players works against the others.

In recent years, the trend was that mobile phones are not only a platform that can be played on the games, but also act as controllers for games on other platforms: In the jackbox series, each player has entered his answers into his phone the small display as a hidden tablet or control panel; XCOM: The board game comes with a companion app, which sets the round lengths and monitors the fast round structure that keeps the tension of the game high. Tales of Treachery moves between cooperative and competitive game and has a narrative focus that is rarely found in games of this kind. https://twitter.com/teamghostcamp/status/1184122629961256962 The facility for Tales of Treachery is as easy as synchronizing the four controllers / phones, each character picking a character and that’s it. Characters are purely cosmetic, but they are so different that the enthusiastic players can build a character around them. They also do not look like their traditional DND characters, the stoic paladin, the carved barbar and the sleepy rogues are in the ton. Instead, there are blue-haired, rock star-looking giants, figures with violet caps and feathered caps as well as lime green bards with lute.

As you look, however, is not so important. Decisive is the way you communicate and what decisions you meet. One of the four characters is a traitor, which means that he gets small tips on the result of events that they will finish on their way to the end opponent. If you go up the hill to a mysterious figure in a hut, the traitor of the team will be informed about the result of the conversation with the companion. You have to decide as a team what measures they take when they are there.

The social element to have a traitor in the middle of the players is a mechanics, with the board games for many years – games like Betrayal in House on the Hill, Battlestar Galactica and Dead of Winter are completely built around the concept. It is interesting that Tales of Treachery manages to keep away from the heavier, procedure-based board game structure and instead to offer the opportunity for sabotage, while the game remains both accessible and social.

And the traitor werden sabotage.

The progress of the team is pursued by a starch bar, which is based on the results of events that the group encounters. Ultimately, it is this strength used in the fight against the end opponent. However, there is another thing that changed the strength of the party on the way – the campfire.

After a busy exploration day, the whole group comes to rest on their campfire. There is no risk of an attack, but for the players there is the possibility to isolate and expose the traitor. The players decide if they want to accuse a player as a traitor, and if they decide enough that they want, one of the players can be beaten into the sword. If the players then have right Bonus, the team becomes stronger, if you know that the cursed trait character is dead. If the team is wrong and kills an innocent, the team is of course weakened.

If all this sounds interesting for you, it is worth following to follow the developers of Tales of Treachery, Ghost Camp on the Twitter. There is no release date – or even confirmed platforms – but we keep you up to date. Oh, and before we forget to mention it at all, the whole thing is compromised by the award-winning author Neil Gaiman, and he made a pretty outstanding job when we heard that while we played.

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