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In addition to agriculture at STARDEW Valley , you will have the opportunity to become an icon of fashion. There are tons of shirts, pants and different hats to try. Many of these garments can be prepared in the sewing machine, but others will require a little more effort.

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In this guide, we will review all the hats you can buy at Hat Mouse. Instead of having access to all your hats, you should unlock them. Some of the unlocking requirements have long, so you can get new hats as you advance in the game. First, let’s look at how to unlock the Hat Mouse store.

Chef Secret Soft Chapati |சப்பாத்தி| Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Recipes | CDK #48 |Chef Deena's Kitchen
Unlock Hat Mouse

Before visiting Hat Mouse, You will need to unlock your store . Fortunately, this is easy and should be able to complete it within the first or second season.

So that Hat Mouse appears, You must complete an achievement. There are many achievements that you can collect along the game, some more difficult than …

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