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Windows 10 is a collection of running systems established by Microsoft. Microsoft defined Windows 10 as an operating system as a service that would get ongoing updates to its features as well as performance, augmented with the capability for venture atmospheres to obtain non-critical updates at a slower speed or usage lasting assistance turning points that will just obtain vital updates, such as safety and security patches, over their five-year lifespan of conventional support. It was initial launched in July 2015.

On September 1, 2021, the update will appear to version 2.1 for Genshin Impact. The update Moon-Belly World adds more content to the recently published Inazuma area, including two islands, three new playable figures and a dramatic finale of the main history playing in this kingdom. In addition, fishing is introduced. Players can soon fish in all Teyvat a variety of fish fishing or exchange fish against rods and rewards of fishing clubs. With the spirit cloud basin, a new decoration that was added to the system of the cane of transience, the players can also decorate or feed decorative fish in their personal kingdom.

Mihoyo: _ After the massive extension added in version 2.0, the main history is to end the traveler, the goddess of the flashes, various armed forces and the people of Inazuma in the last chapter of Inazuma’s architecture contract with version 2.1. In addition History of history can visit the players Watatsumi, the home of the resistance forces with a beautiful, fantastic landscape, and Seirai, a place of devastation surrounded by eternal storms. Other leaders like the Hydro hypostase, the embodiment of thunder and LA Signora, the new boss of the territory, expect the players on their way. _

Three important figures from Inazuma (Shouse Raiden, Sangonomiya Kokomi and Kujou Sara) will be added as new playable figures, with their own orders available from Shoung Raiden and Kokomi. Shoung Raiden is a 5-star figure with electric power and a rod weapon. Sangonomiya Kokomi, the divine priestess of Watatsumi and the top leader of the resistance forces against the Shougun, is another 5-star figure. With the Hydro power and a catalyst, you can bring a lot of healing to troop members. Kujou Sara, the SHOUGUN Loyalty General of Tenryou Administration, can carry out electro-ranged attacks with your bow and bonuses bonuses.

Mihoyo: _ Outside of Inazuma takes place in the following season of the full moon dance. This is a time in which friends and families in Liyue gather gather every autumn, toast and enjoy local delicacies. During the fest, the players meet again with Keqing and Xiangling, cooking and tasting local food and recipes and learn the origin of this old tradition in the port of Liyue. Those who love treasures can also start a big treasure hunt in Liyue, Moonstadt and the Dragon Burr in Liyue, Mondstadt and the Dragon Burr, and they are going to receive rewards and this Useful goods and resources exchange, including the brand new 4-star two-handed, the luxurious seasick that can be refined to the highest degree. In addition, players in the new login campaign can receive many resources and up to 10 pieces of interwoven fate. _

_ As of version 2.1, the first figure will join in the course of a collaboration, Aloy, the rescuer from another world , as a free 5-star figure. Players who have reached adventure level 20 can either be in version 2.1 on the PlayStation or version 2.2 received on all platforms. _

_ Updating to Version 2.1 by Genshin Impact will be released on 1 September 2021 with cross-platform support for PlayStation, PC and mobile devices. For players on all servers, the possibilities for double yield are reset during the first recharge with version 2.1. The game will be downloaded For PS5 and PS4 in the PlayStation ™ Store, for Android on Google Play, for iOS in the App Store and for PC in the Epic Games Store and on the official website of Genshin Impact (Genhin.mihoyo.com). _

Last updated video: preview video on version 21 from the moon bustle world

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