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Next month, _WarioWare: Get it together! _ It will be launched in Nintendo Switch to bring the festivities of microwens to a new platform. Earlier this week, comicbook.com had the opportunity to see a guided preview of the game that focused on some of the modes that will be available in this new version, as well as in many of the new features of the game. _WarioWare: Get it together! _ It will not be available until September 10, but __The game it seems that you will have a lot to enjoy the series fans, as well as many new twists that should differentiate it from the previous entries.

Our preview event began with a look at the History mode of the game, which can be played for one or two players. WarioWare Inc. employees have been absorbed by their last video game and, to leave, they will have to complete several microjuegos. A basic element of the series from the beginning, the microjuegos are incredibly fast games that give players only a few brief seconds to react and complete them.

This time, the game presents playable characters, and everyone has different skills; For example, Dribble and Spitz can shoot bursts, but Dribble can only shoot from the right, while Spitz can only shoot from the left. Before the players begin a topic in History mode, they will select a WiWare cast group. Just as microjuegos are randomly assigned to a topic before startup, so are the characters that have been selected, so players will not know which of the selected characters will end up with each microgame. Now, players are not only reacting to the game itself; They also have to take into account the way they control their character. For what was shown during the preview, some of these characters will also be controlled quite differently from each other! As in the previous WarioWare games, the different microjuegos are separated by theme. Nintendo showed the theme of Dribble and Spitz, who focuses on Fantasy.

The microjuegos in previous Warioware titles have always included strange (and sometimes disgusting) concepts, and the switch version will clearly continue that tradition. A micro-game has players who protect the land of deadly tentacles, while another makes them trim the hair of the armpits. One had the two players using cubes to collect tears and nose drips. Each level has a chief stage, and the fantasy issue presents a boss as a Poseidon with tentacles. Players have four lives of values ​​that almost look like Pikmin of purple. Once the four have gone, the players will have to start the stage again.

In addition to history mode, players will have the opportunity to see a way called Variety Pack. VARIETY PACK is what Nintendo calls a party center, which offers competitive and cooperative games for one to four players. The team looked for the first time Rutina daily, a way in which Wario and the rest of the characters must go through their day of work while getting contracts for new games and defeating their rivals. The mode also has enhancers that make the player alternate between the characters of the game, resulting in extra points.

The second game shown in Variety Pack was puck ‘Er Up, a version of the Air Hockey mixed with microjuegos. The characters are assigned at random, but each player controls the same. The disc contains a microgame in the center. The player who scores one of him enters the disc to play the microgame, while his opponents hit the small screen, which makes it more difficult to see and complete the game. A star is for the player who completes the micro game, or those who prevent the microgame player from succeeding. Only two Treehouse staff members participated in the way, but it is playable for four people, and it was easily the culminating point of the two games shown in Variety Pack.

The play-o-pedia mode of the game tracks all the microjuegos with which the players have been found, grouping them by category. You could see a microjuegose section inspired by the Nintendo classic games, but Treehouse’s staff still could not show it. Play-o-pedia also allows players to play again any microjuegos that have found in Endless mode, using any character character. The Character Selection screen in this mode tells players which characters are ideal or not suitable for the microgame in question. As the endless mode progresses, microjuegos become progressively faster, which adds to the frantic nature of the game. The microgame also changes slightly between rounds, so it is not exactly the same as each time. In this mode, Treehouse employees played a microgame in which they had to escape from a building reaching a rooftop helicopter.

Having these characters that play and control differently can generate some confusion. CREW mode allows the player to train with each of the characters and learn how they work better in a discreet environment. It also has game data for each character and tracks the success of the player.

Last but not least, Wario Cup is where players can play online. This mode could not be displayed, but players can expect weekly challenges. You can use any character, but some will be more advantageous than others. There will also be a classified way, and players will raise their highest scores.


Warcaraware games have always shown a lot of creativity, and rhythm makes them challenging and very fun. It’s too early to say if warioware: Get it together! _ It will be up to the best sets of the series, but it seems wonderful. The microjuegos on display offer the same level of charm that the previous entries, but it seems that the new playable characters will add an additional challenge, while they give the game their own unique flavor. Players will be able to judge for themselves when _WarioWare: get _Thies _Jumps! _ Releases on September 10 for Nintendo Switch.

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