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New systems are a sales argument fromWorld of Warcraft. But does the MMORPG really need that?

World of Warcraft is constantly evolving. It has been normal for many years that with every new addon or patch, fresh systems come into play that make the game bigger and more complex. Whether the special items with skill system are like the artifact weapons or the heart of Azeroth, or more decisions like choosing a pact in Shadowlands.

What are the advantages of new systems?

New systems offer a whole range of benefits, both for the developers as well as for the players. These fall:

Players are looking forward to innovations: New systems almost automatically produce a hype and anticipation. Whether it’s the expectant tension, in Legion the powerful blade ash leader lead to decide in Shadowlands for one of the four pacts or to build a separate garrison in Draenor – all this in many cases ensures anticipation. Often it can also feel great, just do something completely new in a game that you have been playing for years.

Free space for experiments: New, temporary systems also give the developers the opportunity to try something fresh, without it being forever part of the main game. Good examples are here the island expeditions or war fronts. These were largely unpopular features, which looked good on the paper. Many players agree that it was good to try that – even if the features did not arrive well in the end and quickly left behind.

Improvements in the long run: Some new systems start very differently than you end. An example here are about the scenarios. In Mistts of Pandaria, the still mini-dungeons for 3 players were more questionable success. The system of the scenarios was later slightly modified and also implemented for solo content, for example to put the final of a quest row in a particularly good scene and to hide other disturbing players. So it was made of a small beside feature something that was later firmly incorporated into the quest structure of the whole game.

What are the disadvantages of new systems?

But exactly how systems bring benefits, there is a whole range of disadvantages. Again, opinions go apart, but often stated criticisms are:

Borrowed force becomes useless: Many systems are exactly an extension active. Azerite armor from BFA, the garrison on Draenor, the artifact weapons in Legion or now the pacts in Shadowlands. All these systems make the character stronger and improve it – but only in the respective extension or even the respective patch. Then you leave these features back and you become unimportant, so the force is only borrowed and is left behind at the end of the extension or made even inaccessible.

High complexity deters: More and more systems also lead to World of Warcraft becomes more complex. All systems of Shadowlands as a newcomer to understand without consulting guides or to inform themselves outside the game is almost no longer possible. Who through pacts, mythical +, rule-socks, Torghast (and its point system), soul gangs and media at first glance, which is likely to be a rare individual case.

Forced to participate: New systems often get relevant in WoW by connecting to other systems. For example, for the production of legendary objects, one has to visit forcibly Torghast. In addition, the requirement will come to collect glory levels every week, so that the character is stronger by means of souls and media. All of these systems are quasi duty and it is not possible to simply omit individual systems that you do not like, as this leads to disadvantages in other gaming content.

Players have been discussing about it for a long time

Thus, the players discuss: Also in the subreddit of World of Warcraft is always talked about the topic again. Currently, Zombiewerogue’s contribution is right above, which also deals with this topic and asks if a WOW extension needs new systems at all. He says:

Alles, what it takes are fun raids with good prey. Tier sets. Right Animal Sets. Just make a fun raid with good prey, which is all alone, without modifying the modifying .

PVP just needs a dealer with armor, which you can buy and then good for the current season. Instead of this recycling system, in which one must forcibly fame and honor .

_Dkt is not someone that there should be fewer systems in the game? _

However, there are also players who like systems in principle. So writes Ojomon_:

_I think, fewer systems in extensions are mandatory, but I do not want them to disappear. I was really fun at the class halls and artifact weapons. I enjoy the most of my pact sanctum. But pact-upgrades with souls with media with glory simply creates a great job for every new character, which will only get bigger with advancement. […] _

_I may like that every extension has its own thing. But an extension can not only consist of things, all of which are not taken to the next.

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How do you see that: Does WOW always need new systems?

But let’s get to you, our readers on Meinmmo. What is your opinion on new systems in World of Warcraft? Does the game need new systems in every extension to attract new and old players? Do these systems make the game better or worse?

If you want to give your answer a bit more extensive, then you will like to comment and explains what you like about new systems in World of Warcraft or bothers you. As always, please stay politely and factual in the discussion.

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